Tracy Valcarcel is a Peruvian movement-based video artist based in Montreal. Trained in contemporary dance, graphic design and physical theatre, she moved to Canada to study Interdisciplinary Performance and received a BFA in Intermedia / Cyberarts from Concordia University in 2012. In 2009 she was invited to participate in a month-long Laboratory of Creative Research Meetings with Remarkable Women hosted by the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, Poland. This experience marked her and still serves her as a source of inspiration.

In her practice, she uses on-screen moving image to consider the body from an anatomical and cultural standpoint, measuring to what extent our identities are formed by memory and habit. Using the body as a sitemap and the moving image as a medium, her work reflects on the extent to which identity is shaped by memory, environment and habit. Central to her research are the questions; how can we better understand ownership and agency in space through the experience of the body? What are the nuances that the body holds on to from a familiar place to an unfamiliar one? How do we form identities in relation to places where we don’t have histories? Can these established identities change over time?

Her work and collaborations have been shown locally as well as internationally at video and performance festivals including Rendez-vous Québec Cinema (Québec, CA), Festival de Cine Experimental Cinetoro (Cali, Colombia), REThink Art Digital Festival (Crete, Greece), Movement Research at Judson Church (NYC, US), Summerworks Festival 25 (Toronto, Canada), Szczecin European Film Festival (Szczecin, Poland), ikono On Air Festival (Berlin, Germany), ((.mov)) Videoarte en mOvimiento (Madrid, Spain) and Performance Voyage 3 (Tromsø, Norway).